Exclusive Women Self Improvement Interview

When a women knows herself she can do anything.--Nichole Frechette

Today I interviewed Nichole Frechette. Nichole is an expert teacher in women self improvement and dance. Her specialty is Belly Dance and she has helped many women become self empowered and self confident through teaching them a beautiful, ancient art form of Belly Dance.

Increasing women self esteem, spirituality, and learning specific dance movements to “know thy self” is Nichole's passion, dedication, and life's work.

After this exclusive interview, you will know how to feel more empowered, have better self esteem, and have practical actions to create and change your life for the better.

Q. Nichole, thanks for doing this women self improvement interview. How are you?

I am doing very well, thank you. And thanks for doing this interview with me.

Q. I'm excited to interview you today. I know these questions and answers will help a lot of women out there. So let's get started!

Alright, I'm excited to start!

Q. What does women self improvement mean to you?

Women self improvement is teaching other women how to love and expand themselves; how to take what they have and build off it to become the strongest and most creative women that they can be. Women self improvement is allowing a woman to grow beyond what she knew through an empowering and loving environment. If that positive aspect is not there, then real growth can not be nurtured.

Q. Do you feel that women self improvement should be a quest for all women in their lives?

Of course! Every woman can improve her position and understanding of herself. Each and every woman should continuously look for ways to improve and love herself.

Q. For women to create the desired life they choose, would you say that it's more important for women to love, embrace, and grow their inner spiritual world or look to solving problems through the external---such as their bodies, jobs, and circumstances?

Women need to understand that they cannot change their outer world. Yes, they may be able to change how they look... but if women do not learn to love themselves as they are, then it won't matter how much weight they lose or how many face lifts they get, they will never find true happiness with themselves. Therefore, women need to look inside themselves to change their circumstances. Once a woman learns to love and accept herself, then all her outer issues will work out just fine.

Q. It seems that society values women more for how they look rather than their intelligence, confidence, and talents. What could women do to experience love, self esteem, and power with her body and mind?

The first thing I always do when I teach women self improvement, especially through dance, is for women to love and appreciate every single curve that they have. Once I can get a woman to value her outer looks then she can find the love for herself. By helping women love their features and see them as being beautiful, the connection between inner and outer beauty is made. If a woman can look at her size 14 waist and say “I love and I appreciate my body for what it is”, then that's a huge step to improving her self esteem. Every woman is beautiful, not just in her own right, but truly and utterly beautiful.

Q. So, you would say living in a sincere and profound state of gratitude for the blessings they already have are important to build women self improvement, self confidence, self worth, and physical and spiritual growth?

Yes. Having gratitude for who they are and what they got is the key to stepping into their own power and having freedom.

Q. If women are having confidence issues because of lack of self worth, what exercise(s) would you teach?

I do not believe any woman suffers from lack of self “worth”, women have self confidence issues. These self confidence issues is what I try to help women work on. The best way I find to start bringing someone out of their shell is by smiling. It is amazing the power a simple smile has. When you smile, you say to a person, “You are worth my time” and it also says, “You deserve some love”. This little message can change somebody's day or life. I always recommend to women who may have self confidence issues to walk down the street and smile. Pick out a few people and give them a genuine smile. Most of the time that person will smile back. The exchange of platonic love gets a woman's eyes off her shoes and into the real world where there is so much waiting for her. Just by holing ones own head up in a crowd starts to show a bit of confidence. If practiced, this simple gesture of confidence will grow and before long you may find yourself saying, “Hello” to a perfect stranger!

Q. If women are having confidence and self esteem issues with their bodies, what exercise(s) would you teach?

Well, when women have issues with their physical self, what I'll do is have them stand in front of a mirror and point out the areas of their body they have problems with. A lot of this is in the stomach and hip areas. This is a shame because a woman's hips are a huge power center. This is where a woman is physically strongest, so this area is naturally larger.

Anyway, I have them stand in front of a mirror and look at that body part and have them say out loud, “I love...” fill in the blank. So, if it's their stomach---I have them stand there and say, “I love my stomach because it is beautiful.” The trick is they really have to internalize what that means and they need to mean it. The more you say something the more you will believe it to be true. It's important to be healthy and as a professional I must foster a healthy life style. However, as I said before, if a woman is not happy with her body as it is, then it won't matter how many pounds she loses.

Q. There are a lot of negative beliefs held on how women should value sex in comparison to men. For example, when men have multiple partners it's socially acceptable. However, when women have multiple partners they are labeled promiscuous. What can women do to overcome these labels and empower her sexuality?

There is nothing wrong with a woman to have multiple partners as long as she is being safe about it. As long as a woman carries herself with respect and views her relationships with respect she can not be considered promiscuous.

When a women is strong and secure she can say to herself and others, “I'm comfortable with my sexuality, I'm a sexual being.” If a women is secure with herself, then that security will be seen and noticed by others. If a insecure person goes around and has many sexual partners due to her insecurity then that's what other people pick up on and that's how a “reputation” can get passed around.

It's all about integrity, if you're sexually active but you hold good moral values and you view yourself as an integral person, then nobody can label you.

Q. In the quest of women self improvement, how should women direct and utilize their energies to create their dream life and become self empowered?

Remaining positive is a huge part of creating the life you want. You must surround yourself with positive energy. Another large part of this has to do with how you move your internal energy; the energy in your body. This is where Chakra work comes into play.

We have seven major energy centers that run through our body. What I try to teach women is how to connect to each and every one of these seven energy points. When we are connected to our energy and when we know how to use it, we can use our energy to improve our lives.

For example, to portray a feeling of high integrity, I try to teach women how to open their heart Charkra and throat Chakra. This is where a lot of our presence comes into play. Our heart is how we communicate with others on an emotional level, and our throat Chakra is how we verbally communicate with other people. So, for admitting high amounts of energy from these two places, then you can portray a very high image of your self esteem.

Q. Is there one Chakra that specifically deals with getting in-touch with your true nature of being?

Well, every Chakra is important to activate and to use because if you don't use all seven of them you become imbalance. When you're imbalance with your energy, it's very hard to become a solid, well rounded person. So, no, I don't think there is one Chakra that you have to focus on and ignore the rest of your Chakras.

Q. Can you give us a real world example of what it feels like to successfully “tap-in” to your Chakras?

I was teaching a dance class not to terribly long ago and there was this one women in my class who was a very nice women, but she was not connected with her body. She also had a hard time connecting on a emotional level with other people. At this time, we were learning chest drops, which is located right around your heart Chakra and your solar plex Chakra. She had spent all class looking at the ground and when a women looks down it's a submissive gesture. I walked up to her and I said, “Look me in the eye, it's o.k. to make eye contact with me”. I stood there and held her gaze for a whole, maybe 10 seconds, which is a long time when you're looking a someone and you're not use to it. Then, all of a sudden, booom! I felt this huge rush of energy come towards me right from her heart Chakra. It's because in those 10 seconds I had allowed her to lock her gaze into mine and it immediately opened up her heart center. When you look someone directly into their eyes, you connect with them on a deeper level.

Q. What benefits can a woman experience when she develops and becomes more aware of her Chakra Centers?

Anytime a woman is connected to her inner self, it's a beautiful thing. A Woman can be unstoppable when she is connected to her self. She has everything to gain when she becomes more in touch with her own power.

Q. Would you say your inside world creates your outside world?

Of course, if you don't have a sturdy base, you can't build a sturdy house. And, a women's connection to herself is her base.

Q. What have you found as the most effective way for tapping into more self empowerment?

I really came into myself as a woman when I found the art of belly dance. It's because belly dance is an art form that was created specifically for a women's body. When you trace back it's history, it was to teach other women about themselves and their body's. It was a way to create community and to tell stories and to help other women find their voice. When I found belly dance I was really able to work with myself on a truly intimate level. I learned every single inch of my body inside and out. When I really learned about my body, I really truly fell in love with myself. This gave me the courage to go forth in life and find what my purpose. Being completely inside myself gave me a deep respect and understanding for my body, mind, and emotions.

Q. Do you think women have a more difficult time clearing the historical negative energies in relation to their roles that were past down from generation to generation?

I think that women have an exceptionally hard time in our society today connecting with themselves. It does go back to Christianity. During the development of Christianity, women were really pushed aside and told that they weren't worth anything except to bear children. This was kind of looked down upon because bearing children meant you would have to have relations with your husband. So, throughout history men have taken the power and the privilege to producing children and completely turned it around on women.

For a long time afterward, women had a hard time finding their place outside of the kitchen. Once women did leave the kitchen, especially in America, and into corporate America, they had to beat their way to the top. Women had to fill male roles and they had to behave like men in order to get anywhere. When women behaved like this, they were ostracized or they were labeled in some demeaning way.

So, yes, it's very hard for women to find their place in society and to connect to themselves because for 100s of year they have been forced to disconnect. Women have been trained to understand that power comes from testosterone and female power is the weaker form. This is just not true. While men have every right to be powerful, women need to know that feminine power is just as strong and just as important.

Q. What could a woman do today if she really wanted to tap into her self and create more self esteem, so she can live the life she chooses?

Honestly, find a belly dance class. I'm not just saying that (lol) because I'm a belly dancer or that's my profession. I'm saying that because this is one of the only art forms that I know of that is completely, totally, and utterly about women and connecting them to their bodies. I mean, when I was younger I went to dance classes for the first 16-17-18 years of my life and I was never taught to connect to my body in an intimate way. It was when I found belly dance that I had this intense, intimate connection. Through that intimate connection, I found true power. I really really felt that's what all women need in order to step into their power; they need to know themselves before they go off and conquer the world.

When a woman knows herself she can do anything.

Q. Is there anything women can do mentally, within their own thinking to succeed in their journey on women self improvement?

I think women have to remain positive and to know that inside themselves they have that power. It doesn't necessarily have to be taught to them, it needs to be unwrapped for them. All women have that intense inner power that is there waiting to be tapped into.

Thanks Nichole for your practical insights! I know you're going to succeed making a world-wide impact in women self improvement and dance.

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