The Law Of Opposites Contains The Seeds Of Success

The law of opposites is one of my favorite laws. If you understand this law, you'll realize that all of your failures were just learning experiences. Your so called “failures” in life were meant to give you more wisdom, awareness, and experience, so you can achieve something bigger and better than your initial intention.

Understanding the law of opposites is going to make you unstoppable. You'll realize that your failures contain the seeds of success and that your successes contain the seeds for failure. The choice is entirely up to you!

The Law Of Opposites

Thomas Edison failed 999 times when he was creating the light bulb. During an interview, someone asked him what it felt like failing that many times. Edison, who was very aware about the laws of the universe, replied, “I did not fail---I just learn 999 ways on how not to make a light bulb.”

Edison understood the law of opposites, a.k.a the law of polarity. He knew that every failure contains the seed of success. Because he had that awareness, he was able to create the light bulb, along with many other inventions.

You become unstoppable as well as the sole creator of your life when you harness the power of polarity. Everything in this universe has it's opposite. Light could not exist if there wasn't darkness. Hot can't exist without cold. There could be no peace without hatred. Prosperity doesn't exist without poverty. Male cannot exist (or endure) without female. Get the point? That's polarity, the law of opposites.

This universe is setup for abundance and prosperity. It's our natural birthright to have health, wealth, prosperity, abundance, peace, love, joy, etc. However, since we live in the third dimension or the physical plane, our natural birthrights have to contain it's opposite to exist.

For example, in order for the human race to exist successfully, there has to be male and female. If all the males in this universe were killed off today (I know, sounds harsh), then soon enough all the females would die off because reproduction would come to a halt.

Here's another example of success and failure. How do you know what success feels and looks like without knowing failure? You'll never know what success is unless you experience some degree of failure. Some of you may be saying, “I've been experiencing failure for years now, how do I change that?” I'll get to that, hold on over there!

Now that you understand that everything has its opposite, you should be able to understand that everything already exists in your life. If you are experiencing failure in your business right now, then, according to the law of opposites, there must be something really awesome and successful about your business. One cannot exist without it's opposite.

If you're experiencing poor fitness and sickness right now, then, by law, there has to be health and great fitness in your life. The key is to find the goodness in your life. That goodness exist somewhere in your life. Let's say you lost your job, home is in foreclosure, and your car just got repossessed; I challenge you to find “what's good about my situation.”

When you start putting blame on others and the economy, you lose your power and that is where failure will dominate your life

Changing failure into success is achieved by finding what is good about your situation right now. This involves putting your attention on the goodness in your life right now and what you want to attract. Human beings were created with free will or the ability to choose. To think whatever you want to think means truth, regardless of appearances.

You can change any situation around by keeping your attention on its opposite. If your business is in the dumps right now, where are the seeds to success? Don't view it as a failing, view your experience as learning. What are you learning right now? What is good about this situation?

I guarantee that goodness and success are there. It has to be, according to the law of opposites. Maybe you're learning something that's going to propel you onto success. Maybe you're learning what not to do next time. Or, maybe that contract was canceled because an even bigger opportunity is coming your way.

There is no way to tell. This is why you have to cultivate faith and belief that this universe is setup for abundance and prosperity. No matter what situation you are in, the universe is always working in your favor.

Your job is to get clear on what you want, know why you want it, and expect it to happen. This means keeping your attention, belief, and faith upon the success you desire; regardless of appearances and current circumstances.

Did you know Walt Disney went bankrupt over seven times before Disney Land hit? Did you know Donald Trump went bankrupt and then four years later earned his billions again? Henry Ford didn't even graduate high school. Bob Proctor didn't graduate high school. Albert Einstein couldn't read until the age of seven. Colonel Sanders lived in his car for two years before KFC succeeded, and he was in his sixties!

All of these people understood the laws of the universe. Whether they were aware of them or not, they new that if there was failure, there also had to be success.

Picture a straight, horizontal line, drawn across the middle of a piece of loose leaf paper. On the very left end of the line is “success.” On the very right end of the line is “failure.”


Notice how success and failure are on the same line, existing at the same time. You are in the middle of that line. Placing your focus and attention on success moves you toward the left side of the line. Focusing and attending to lack and limitation moves you toward the right side of the line, failure.

Do you notice how you have a choice? Even amidst failure, you have the choice to think “success.” Consciously choosing success directs all of your energies on how to succeed. When your energy is applied to thinking success, sooner or later you will experience that success.

The law of opposites represents anything is possible. Now that you have this awareness, you can evaluate your life and change it to whatever you want. All it takes is finding the goodness, health, wealth, prosperity, or learning experience in any situation.

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