Learn how angels and demons are involved in building personal wealth and the lessons of life.

Angels and Demons and Building Personal Wealth?

What in the hell does the movie, “Angels and Demons” have anything to do with building personal wealth?

Well, Angels and Demons talks about the gap between science and spirituality for creating light (energy). I'm referring to Angels and Demons in this article because the movie gives an enlightening point of view about how science and spirituality are coming together to discover and understand the laws of the universe.

I'm not going to spoil the movie for you, so don't worry about that. What I am going to share with you is how science is supplementing the traditional point of view on God's creation. Since wealth building, the laws of success, and self empowerment have everything to do with your power to create and attract, then I believe it's appropriate to talk about Angels and Demons here.

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Angels and Demons

The movie is pretty much a battle between two points of view. One view point comes from a quantum, scientific perspective of the creation of energy and the other point of view comes from a religious perspective on preserving God's name and powers.

Science tends to be more practical by saying everything is energy and energy cannot be created nor destroyed. Religion tends to be more spiritual by saying there is one God and God is responsible for all creation.

So, in other words, it's a war over the name of God. Is God the creator? Or is man the creator?

Those are two interesting questions that will come up in your mind throughout Angels and Demons. The movie goes on to tell us that some individuals will go to the fullest extent to protect their beliefs and traditions about God, even if it means blood shed.

People, groups, religions, and organizations have been fighting wars over the name of God for thousands of years. Angels and Demons just shows a more modern day battle over the name of God and the power of creation.

Angels and Demons

Does man have the power to create? Well, according to this movie, man does have the power to create and it happens when a group of scientist discovers anti-matter energy. When anti-matter is discovered, it was soon stolen by a team of people with a more traditional point of view--- that God is the only creator. The team's objective was to cover up this scientific phenomenon and prove that God only has the power to create energy and life.

The team was on a mission to prove that when man gets involved with God's energy and power to create, then destruction, deceit, and chaos happen. They were on a mission to protect God's name.

Angles and Demons clearly defines that one side believes science can help man create life and other energetic opportunities; and the other side believes (which is only a handful group of men) that God or the Divine can only create and man has no business or power to create life.

So, what is the real answer? Who can create life? I guess you're just going to have to watch the movie to find out.....

Just playing, lol....I believe the real answer to the question is both. We may not be “The God”, but we possess God like powers. We live in a thought world. Everything that you see on the outside-- clothes, houses, cars, streets, businesses, etc., was first a thought or an idea in someone's head.

When those thoughts became desires and backed with faith and belief, those desires were created and manifested physically. You wouldn't be driving your car today unless someone first conceived the idea of a car.

Does God create all things? Yes. Does man have a part in creating these things? Yes. Could I be totally wrong? Yes.

Is There a Gospel of Wealth?

Human beings are co-creators of God's awesome powers. Human beings express God’s desire for growth. Do you think it’s coincidence that we gain more wisdom mentally and spiritually as our body ages? I don’t think so, we are just living along the lines of growth.

Everything comes from one source, whether you call it God, the Universe, Allah, or the Zero Point Field, they are all the same meaning, just different names. The movie Angels and Demons portrays the confusion that people have over God. Some believe God sits in the clouds up in the sky. Some believe serving God means to live in poverty. Some people believe that God is telling them to kill certain people. While other people believe that God picks and chooses who is to be wealthy and great.

I'm not going to pretend that I know and understand everything about God, because I don't. All I know is this---God is for increase and growth. God wants us to be prosperous, rich, wealthy, and serve others.

We live in an exciting New Age. Science is now proving the mysteriousness of the Universe. Science is not replacing God or claiming creation (to my knowledge), science is helping man understand that we can create our own life circumstances and it's showing us another way to speak to God.

You see this in Angels and Demons. When the scientists created anti-mater, which is the point of creation, those scientist first had an image on the screen of their mind to create anti-matter. So, essentially, God was part helper in this creation because His desire for anti-matter was being expressed through the scientists.

All of the ancient traditions, religions, and even the bible have helped us understand that God is our source of power and creation, and man is the expression of God's desires.

As Jesus says in the Bible, “It's thy Fathers pleasure to give you the Kingdom.” What Jesus is saying is that it's Gods pleasure to fulfill your desires because your desires are God's desires for life.

You see, your source or God wants you to live a full life. He wants you to be rich, wealthy, successful, loving, happy, and have peace. If you don't believe me, observe God's natural creation, nature. Is nature growing or dying? Are there more people on the planet today than there was 100 years ago? Is our economy more advanced or deceased?

God is only for increase, love, joy, and happiness and all business is God's business. If God is only for increase, love, joy, and happiness, then why do people go around with beliefs like: “money is the root of all evil, money is bad, the world is not safe, the world is ending, I'm not loving, I don't deserve it”, and so on?

People go around with these beliefs because of their lack of understanding. They lack the knowledge about God's true purpose to this universe and their life. God's true purpose to this world and to your life is growth, love, happiness, and peace. When you tap into God, you'll tap into your Divine right to wealth. The way you do this is to have a desire to fulfill your right to be rich and to make others rich while in the process.

When you become rich, while making others rich, you'll see first hand the power of creation, purpose, love, joy, and growth unveiled to your eyes. When you do this, you become wealthy.

Wealth building is an active pursuit to live a purposeful, rich, and happy life, while giving others the impression and fulfillment of growth.

Make this your mantra: What I want for myself, I want for others.

Time to Conclude...

Angels and Demons is an exciting movie to watch. I was first attracted to this movie because Tom Hanks is one of my all time favorite actors. Now, I know there was a deeper meaning for me watching this movie.

I understand that everyone in the Universe are all in it together. There's no point in fighting over the name of God, what we should be doing is expressing God's desire for wealth and growth. Everybody has their own point of view about God, but we all have the same common purpose. That common purpose is all around you in nature. It is helping others and helping yourself.

Repeat your new mantra again: What I want for myself, I want for others. That's true wealth my friends.

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